Glass Mansions, led by the charismatic, sultry voice of Jayna Doyle, is an Altpop duo from Austin, TX influenced by modern and 90s pop, heavy synths and tight, dance-friendly rhythms. Their music is propulsive and elastic, with bubbly pop-melodies, lush electronic beds of sound and intelligent, intimate lyrics. Live, it’s pure Rock n’ Roll – raw, sweaty, passionate and covered in a cloud of fog and confetti – and chances are you’ve probably seen Glass Mansions at some point or another as they’ve crisscrossed the country, playing places like SXSW, Warped Tour, Daytrotter, Canadian Music Week, Indie Week Canada, South Sounds and Florida Music Festival.  In the case that you haven’t, you are in for a treat.

Go See Live Music says “Glass Mansions are a pop lover’s dream,” and that the music “follows pop anthem sensibility, and does so magnificently. You feel like you know the song when it is over and are reaching for the repeat button.”

That knack for writing earworms recently landed the band featured spots on Bravo, Netflix and MTV, among other sync placements. Their sophomore EP, “RITUAL” was helmed by multi-platinum producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount and finds the duo of Doyle and multi-instrumentalist Blake Arambula exploring self-discovery, demons, nostalgia, and the satisfaction and laser focus that comes with leaving toxicity in the past. 

The record has already been met with early rave reviews. Pure Grain Audio calls the EP “damn good” and says the band has “layered in a ton of hooks, sing-along choruses, and even captured their live energy,” and South Carolina’s Free Times has called the record “a spectacular collection of edgy electronic music that finds Glass Mansions hitting a new peak.” 

To Doyle, that new peak brings relief,  especially in the live show. “They are 100% cathartic. They are just raw rock and roll vibes and a lot heavier and super fun. Every show is different and everyone has a good time”

That rawness and authentic connection translates from the songs themselves directly to the live experience, something you’ll have to witness yourself. Catch them across the country, and you’ll see why Glass Mansions is proving their worth, one sweaty fog and confetti-filled show at a time.